Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sin Sisters : Thailand Erotic Movie

From darkness to light gradually, large abandoned warehouse. Dusky atmosphere. Ground water gradually slushy camera to pursue the ground of many women toe toe floating above the ground.

5 young woman in a sexy set of conditions was torn bondage with chains hanging from the high roof, all confused and all of the chains that brought together whereby But different people see it ever encounter in the field to meet, share some discussion. Celebritiy greeting between a few minutes to run. The mysterious voice appeared to indicate abnormality in at It is a synthetic voice that can not distinguish whether the male or female, young or to know only the sound that causes her to take them all together at this.

Mysterious sounds that greet everyone It does not record it. Because it can interact with the 5 girls well. It shows that everyone is watching is. It says a fanclub and appreciate the ability The beauty of everyone. Unfortunately, it must kill 4 in 5 to propitiate the Ministry of Anong Thep sacrifice to Poseidon that it is respected. Anyway and who is the lucky person the chance to survive away.

Nan (Cream - Chonticha), MC Hot girls front row.
Oil (Oil - Saruta) Famous singer.
Joyce (Ohh - Rungrawee) heroine sexy young man rubbing his mind.
Bam (Maple - Patchuda) Sexy Models (Thailand FHM Girl 2009).
Oui mm (Piace - Kalada) favorite Miss Thailand

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